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For Individuals

If you’re planning to relocate to Germany, either as an expatriate, expat family? I’m here to serve as your point of contact well before your arrival.

I specialize in bridging the cultural and administrative gaps, particularly for individuals or family members who may find themselves in Germany without proficiency in the German language.

My aim is to offer practical assistance in navigating daily situations, ensuring a seamless settling process, and facilitating social integration in Germany.

For Companies

For expatriate employer companies, I extend an invitation to explore the opportunities and advantages of collaboration.

By partnering with me, your company can ensure a smoother transition for your employees and their families.

I provide comprehensive support in handling cultural nuances and administrative processes, ultimately contributing to enhanced employee well-being and productivity. Let’s work together to create an environment where your team can thrive both professionally and personally.

For Au-pairs / Host Families

You would like to embark on the journey of becoming an Au-pair in Germany? Or you are a German family thinking of welcoming an Au-pair to your home? Both wonderful endeavors that are worth taking a deeper look into it. I am here to share my experience with you and give you valuable advise and tips to help you getting started.  

For Individuals
I am your contact if you are a private individual and …

For Companies
I am your contact if you are a company and …

For Au-pairs / Host Families
I am your contact if you would like to become an Au-pair or Au-pair host family and …

I am furthermore at your service if you …

Coaching Background und Ausbildung als Coach bei Sabine Asgodom

You have the choice

What happens if the urge to get everything managed overwhelms you at some point and burn you out? Do you have an alternative strategy then? 

How would it be

to create your strategy first and anticipate the future? What situations could cause difficulty. What could cause depression?


I support you in setting new goals and guide you to find out what is holding you back. We clear stones out of the way and use them to build something new, something beautiful and powerfully colorful.

In collaboration with me you will find out how you can strengthen yourself and make a start towards a relaxed and self-determined life in Germany. We will find your solutions and implement them together!

Your next step:

Just reach out to me to find out how I could help you.

Book a 30 min discovery call now.

I´ll be curiously waiting to listen to your story! 🙂