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Tailored Support Packages

Start Your German Adventure with Expert Guidance

Embark on your German journey with personalized guidance at every step. My hands-on assistance is available both online through Zoom Q&A calls and in person upon your arrival in the vibrant city of Augsburg / Germany. To ensure your needs are met seamlessly, I present comprehensive, all-inclusive packages, allowing you to choose from the following options below. 

Tailored Support Packages​

Monthly Flat Rate Fee
for the duration of your stay
in Germany

Minimum term of 3 months
per month
  • Practical Guidance
  • Online Zoom Calls
  • More details see below

Monthly Booking
as per your individial need

Minimum term of 2 months at the start
per month
  • Practical Guidance
  • Online Zoom Calls
  • More details see below

Single Call

45 min
per Call
  • Individual Online Zoom Q&A Call
  • We can discuss a topic of your choice
    whether you would like to become an Au-Pair, a Host Family or discuss a current life topic that concerns you as an Expat in Germany. This zoom-meeting option can be used very individual.
  • Just send me an e-mail to fix an appointment.

*No hidden cost! All prices include 19% German VAT (Value Added Tax) already!

The MONTHLY service packages include:

Unlock a worry-free experience with my transparent pricing. Choose the package that suits you best and let me be your trusted guide, making your time in Germany unforgettable.


Do you work online or offline?

While based in Augsburg, my services extend online beyond the city. You can connect with me both virtually via Zoom and in person upon your relocation to Germany.

When and how can I get in touch with you?

Reach out to me by sending an email to for an initial contact. I am prompt in responding to ensure a smooth start to our collaboration.

PS: Reach out to me any time! No matter whether you are still in your home country or already moved to Germany. 

How do I book your service?

Booking is straightforward and personalized to ensure you receive the support you need. Just select the package you would like to go with and either send me an e-mail or receive my confirmation after our initial consultation via Zoom. 

Can I also book a German language course with you?

While I am not a German teacher, I am delighted to be your language guide through everyday life situations. We can practice useful phrases and situations together, enhancing your comfort as you navigate your new life in Germany. In case you like to focus on improving your German we can apply a special immersive training on daily basis. If you would be interested please get in touch. 

What sets your Expat Services apart from others?

Unlike expat communities that rely on self-exchange, my approach involves hands-on individual support. As a native German, I act as your door-opener, facilitating a smooth social integration. If you arrive with your family, I strive to address all your needs and overcome any obstacles together.

What support do you offer for families?

If you are relocating with your family, my services extend to cover the needs of each family member. From practical assistance to cultural integration, I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and a positive experience for your entire family.

Can you assist with finding local schools for my children?

Absolutely! I can provide guidance on local educational options, helping you navigate the school system and find the best fit for your children.

What cultural activities can you recommend for expatriates in Augsburg?

I can offer suggestions and insights into cultural activities, events, and festivals in Augsburg that will enhance your cultural experience and social integration.

How do you handle emergency situations or urgent matters during my stay?

I have a reliable network and resources to assist with emergency situations. You can reach out to me promptly, and I will provide support and guidance to address any urgent matters during your stay in Augsburg.

How long could we partner up?

Starting from a monthly cooperation I am ready to support you throughout your expat journey, tailoring my services to your personal requirements. I recommend discussing the possibility of your employer covering or sharing the cost, ensuring a successful and well-supported stay and your social integration in Germany from the very beginning.