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Hey, I am Nadine, and I specialize in bridging the cultural and administrative gaps, particularly for individuals or family members who may find themselves in Germany without proficiency in the German language.

My aim is to offer practical assistance in navigating daily situations, ensuring a seamless settling process, and facilitating social integration.


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You’ve just landed an incredible job opportunity – a chance to work abroad, possibly even for a German employer. Congratulations! This could be the adventure of a lifetime.

As you contemplate this exciting move to Germany, a myriad of questions may start playing out in your mind:

  • Will it significantly differ from my home country?
  • What about the people and the culture?
  • Do I possess sufficient German language skills to navigate smoothly?
  • Is it feasible to bring my family along for this journey?

And let me guess, your pondering might continue like this.. 

While I’ve visited Germany before and enjoyed a pleasant holiday, living there and immersing myself in the working culture is an entirely different experience.

How simple or challenging will it be to forge connections and acclimate to the environment? 🤔

I have some proficiency in German, but my partner and children, who I hope to bring, lack any knowledge of the language. Can I trust them to handle daily challenges on their own while I’m at work?

Gosh! The uncertainty is quite overwhelming. 😕

I do understand you well. Embarking on this journey sparks a mix of excitement and trepidation.

YET, it’s an opportunity to embrace change, explore new horizons, and discover the enriching experience of living and working in Germany. 🌍✨”

Born in South Germany and having spent several years in Hamburg in the North, known as the gateway to the world due to its bustling harbor, I’ve witnessed both major and subtle distinctions that exist even within the borders of the same country. 

Initially, I encountered what seemed like ‘strange’ behavior, different vocabulary, and even varying greetings. It struck me that even within one’s home country, such wide variations exist, requiring time to adapt to new social environments. Now, imagine this challenge in a foreign country. 🫣

Yes, the process could be lengthy and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be!

Picture having a friend in your new location, in that foreign country, waiting for you and already serving as your point of contact during the relocation preparation. A reliable person to guide you through German paperwork, assist in communicating with interface partners, address your concerns, and warmly welcome you to your new home. Imagine having a personal guide to navigate the initial challenges of German life that are bound to arise – for you and your family if you relocate together.

Would not that be nice?

Sprenge deine Ketten als Frau und Mutter
Sprenge deine Ketten - Coaching für Mütter am Limit.
Zusammen erwarten wir mehr vom Leben als Frau und Mutter

My goal is to make your time in Germany a success! Aiming to create a trusting and supportive space to assist you in navigating through the challenges of your life abroad adventure.

For Individuals

You are an expat or an expat family? 

Then this section is for you. 

Leben mit Au-Pair - Wie ist das?

For Companies

Are you a modern employer that wants to provide its employees with the best possible support? Do you want your foreign employees to feel welcome and well supported during their stay with you?

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For Au-pairs

You would like to become an Au-pair in Germany or a German host family? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work online or offline? 

While based in Augsburg, my online services extend beyond the city. You can connect to me both virtually via Zoom and in person upon your relocation to Germany.

When and how can I get in touch with you?

Reach out to me by sending an email to kontakt@nadine-rautenstrauch.de for an initial contact. I am prompt in responding to ensure a smooth start to our collaboration. 

PS: Reach out to me any time! No matter whether you are still in your home country or already moved to Germany. 

How do I book your service?

Booking is straightforward and personalized to ensure you receive the support you need. Just select the package you would like to go with and either send me an e-mail or receive my confirmation after our initial consultation via Zoom. 

Can I also book a German language course with you?

While I am not a German teacher, I am delighted to be your language guide through everyday life situations. We can practice useful phrases and situations together, enhancing your comfort as you navigate your new life in Germany. In case you like to focus on improving your German we can apply a special training on a daily basis. If you would be interested please get in touch. 

What sets your Expat Services apart from others?

Unlike expat communities that rely on self-exchange, my approach involves hands-on individual support. As a native German, I act as your door-opener, facilitating a smooth social integration. If you arrive with your family, I strive to address all your needs and overcome any obstacles together.

What support do you offer for families?

If you are relocating with your family, my services extend to cover the needs of each family member. From practical assistance to cultural integration, I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and a positive experience for your entire family.

Can you assist with finding local schools for my children?

Absolutely! I can provide guidance on local educational options, helping you navigate the school system and find the best fit for your children.

What cultural activities can you recommend for expatriates in Augsburg?

I can offer suggestions and insights into cultural activities, events, and festivals in Augsburg that will enhance your cultural experience and social integration.

How do you handle emergency situations or urgent matters during my stay?

I have a reliable network and resources to assist with emergency situations. You can reach out to me promptly, and I will provide support and guidance to address any urgent matters during your stay in Germany.

How long could we partner up?

Starting from a monthly cooperation I am ready to support you throughout your expat journey, tailoring my services to your personal requirements. I recommend discussing the possibility of your employer covering or sharing the cost, ensuring a successful and well-supported stay and your social integration in Germany from the very beginning.

Als Frau haben wir alle Rechte, als Mütter noch nicht . Nadine Rautenstrauch - Coach für Mütter am Limit


I have more questions!

And I have more answers 🙂 

I am happy to help. Just reach out to me here

My goal is to make your time in Germany a success! Aiming to create a trusting and supportive space to assist you in navigating through the challenges of your life abroad adventure.


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